BEAT THE JUNE GLOOM! Come see what we've got in store at the museum! 

MUSEUM NEWSLETTER: The Eagle   May 2017   

All of June: Wedding Photos Exhibit - Come see the legacy our those who have wed in the chapel that is now our beloved museum! 

June 13 and 27: Photography Workshop for Beginners/Intermediate

6-7:30 PM in Lower Level 

June 30: Vets Break it Down With PGK Dance - Join Veteran Artists and the dancers of PGK DAnce Project for a unique art collaboration. 

 The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park honors the men and women who served their country in the U.S. Armed Forces and Wartime Merchant Marine by documenting their contributions and experiences and preserving their legacy for future generations through their individual stories.

If you're interested in telling your story whether it happened 50 years ago or last year, contact us! We want to tell the individual stories of all veterans!



Kumeyaay Elementary School

5th grade visits the museum.

Veterans Museum Video

San Diego's Veterans Museum Provides Honorable Burials

Spirit of 45 2013

Aerial view of Veterans Museum