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Hold At All Costs - The Battle for Outpost Harry

The Battle for Outpost Harry - the last battle of the Korean War.  Several hundred Americans from the 3rd Infantry Division, Greeks from the Sparta Battalion, and South Koreans hold this outpost against attacks of 5,000 Chinese from June 10-18 just prior to the signing of the armistace on July 27, 1953.  This 9 day struggle involved hand to hand fighting and over run trenches as the outnumbered American and Greef forces held their ground, even calling in artillery fire on their own position.  This diorama includes video interviews from American, Greek, South Korean and Chinese soldiers who participated in that battle.  You will also see communications equipment, mine-hunting gear, uniforms, maps weapons and more, all arranged realistically to depict bunkers and trenches in Korea as they would have appeared in the field during that conflict from 1950 to 1953.