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Vietnam Remembered - A 50th Year Retrospective

Vietnam Remembered - A 50th Year Retrospective provides an overview of the War with a timeline surrounding the top of the exhibit hall.  The role of the Army, USMC, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Wartime Merchant Marine are provided with participating unites identified.  Multimedial displays of photographs and videos of units are inlcuded.  A documentary film on the evacuation of South Vietnam at the end of the war is also provided.  Dioramas depect US and VC/NVA personnel and equipment.  Exhibit cases on POWs, Gun Ships, SEALS, Patrol Boats, River (PBRs), Naval Aviators, Army Aviators, O

Seven Murals by Richard deRosset

Noted maritime artist Richard deRosset has 5 murals in our museum.  The first, depicts the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with two life-rings near the center of the mural that contain the actual signatures of Pearl Harbor Survivors, including John Finn, the first American awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at Kaneone Bay that day.

Additional murals depict Events in American History from the 1800s through Iraq, Navy Sea Services, D-Day Normandy, and Korea, also grace Museum's walls.

Hold At All Costs - The Battle for Outpost Harry

The Battle for Outpost Harry - the last battle of the Korean War.  Several hundred Americans from the 3rd Infantry Division, Greeks from the Sparta Battalion, and South Koreans hold this outpost against attacks of 5,000 Chinese from June 10-18 just prior to the signing of the armistace on July 27, 1953.  This 9 day struggle involved hand to hand fighting and over run trenches as the outnumbered American and Greef forces held their ground, even calling in artillery fire on their own position.