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Veteran of the Year / Lifetime Award Application Form

For consideration as the 2017-2018 San Diego County Veteran of the Year (VOY), your nomination package must be for a Veteran honorably discharged from the U.S. Military and a resident or employed in San Diego County. Provide a write-up description of contributions in support of Veterans (or Military) and our community your nominee has made since military service. Provide the reasons this individual was selected by your organization for this award. Provide two photos of your Veteran, which should be one in uniform, and one current.

Supporting Documentation:

Remember, the Judges do not know your Veteran, your nomination form provides all the information to them. To show the type of discharge, please use the Supporting Document section to attach a copy of the DD-214.

Please answer a series of questions about your nominee using the below webform, or click on the "VOY Input Form" below to download the VOY form in word format. You can click Online Form to submit your answers via webform or click Upload Document after downloading and filling out the following word document, and attaching it to your application as a Supporting Document:

VOY Input Form 

Provide the Judges with sufficient descriptions and supporting documents with the information needed to understand your nominee’s contributions and support to the Community. If your VOY is employed, please provide the employment description and contributions he/she has made to the Company, over and above that expected and for which he/she is paid. Describe volunteer activities and participation in church, youth, school, civic and other organizations. Do not list military actions during his/her military service.