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FLYING WITH THE FLAK PAK - B-24s in the Pacific Theater with Kenny Kemp

Thursday, January 15, 2015 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Free Admission!

Kenny Kemp will be in San Diego to conduct an entertaining multimedia presentation on Flying with the Flak Pak that reveals the Pacific War through the eyes of a young bomber pilot.  As you follow him from ground school in San Antonio to flight training over windswept prairies of Kansas and the deserts of California, to perilous missions over the pacific in search of targets a mile square, you'll soon find names slipping easily off your tongue: Anguar, Mindanao, Truk, Chaingdong, Shikoku.  You learn who they were fighting and why.  What it took and what it cost.  But most of all, you'll disc over a profound respect for boys who ached to fly, were forged into men in the crucible of combat, and became heroes the like of which we'll never never see again.

So, buckle into the left seat of a B-24 Liberator.  Fire up your engines, run your check list, give the thumbs up to the ground crew, and roll onto the taxiway.  You're the next for take-off!